Our Leadership Team



Tony and Helena Harrold

Lead Pastors

Tony and Helena are currently our Lead Pastors since July 2010.
Tony’s desire is that all Christians will grow into spiritual maturity so that they can be all that God desires of them and go forth and make disciples of all people.
Over the years Tony and Helena have served in various positions from youth leaders to small group and short course leaders to Sunday school teachers and leaders.
Tony and Helena have five children. In addition to their church commitments they operate a beef cattle business. 

Pastor Helena also regularly leads the worship service, she has a real heart of worship. Helena also runs MOPS. Tony is a Chartered Accountant (no longer practicing),Board Chairperson at Gems Christian Education (ECC & OnTrack College) and He and Helena are members of Ministers Fellowship International (MFI)





Sarah James

Hopelands Kids

Sarah leads our kids ministry team. A group of energetic adults and youth that run a dynamic kids program during our Sunday morning service. Sarah has a strong commitment to leading children in growing their faith and belief in Jesus, using her creative skills to develop an engaging program.


David and Olga


Elders David and Olga are part of our group of founding members over 40 years ago. Olga was the Lead Pastor from 2000 to 2010 and continues to minister in the church today. David is a great source of knowledge concerning the scriptures and is therefore a great bible teacher. Together they are members of Ministers Fellowship International (MFI).

Ross & Lorraine Grierson

Elders Ross & Lorraine as long stand members of the community and 3CI church – Ross is a long serving school chaplain and Lorraine is the founding principal of Emerald Christian College.  Together they are valued members of the church and community, many call up them for wisdom and support.



 Guy and Sonia  


Elders Guy and Sonia have served within 3CI Church for a number of years and have volunteered in many different areas in the church since they were young children. Guy also serves on the Board of Directors.