Hopelands Church considers missions work critical to the life of a church. The church has for many years supported people across many countries doing missions work. Countries include, Indonesia, Philippines, Belarus, India and China. In addition to working overseas, Hopelands church is active within its own community supporting local chaplaincy and various other events. In recent years congregation members have been encouraged to go on missions trips and therefore the church has sent out teams to a number of countries and this is only likely to increase in years to come! So get on board – consider a missions trip, become involved. We do a number of mission offerings throughout the year.


Since the year 2000 Hopelands Church has had constant association with Indonesia, supporting various missionaries, sending aid relief and church members making regular visits into Indonesia. Photo’s and further details can be viewed on display boards in our church building. Hopelands Church is currently supporting a small missions school where nationals are trained and equipped to return to their home area’s to proclaim the gospel message of Christ’s saving grace.


Hopelands Church has a number of contacts in the Philippines right across the many islands. Peter & Hope Girdlestone have been spending a lot of time in the Philippines over the last number of years for months at a time. Doing outreaches with various churches and a full schedule of ministry. Church teams have also been sent into the Philippines in 2009 and 2010 and are likely to continue in years to come.


GEMS Christian Education Ltd

Emerald Christian College was founded in 2001 with the support of Hopelands Church. Emerald Christian College exists to support families in the education and training of their children. 
The College recognises and promotes the concept that learning is a partnership involving students, parents, teachers and the community. It is the intention of the College to work in partnership with families by supporting them and reinforcing biblical values, morals, discipline and standards of conduct. College staff are committed to providing individual attention and personal care to ensure all children have the maximum opportunity to achieve their fullest potential.
We recognise that education plays an important role in developing and preparing children as tomorrow’s citizens, to be responsible and positively contribute to society. The College is committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of its operation, continually striving to provide a caring learning environment that exceeds your expectations.
We believe each child is unique and precious in God’s sight and that each member of our College staff must provide a worthy example and model for the children under their care. In summary, we recognise that education will assist each child to establish a safe secure life and prepare them to contribute to their family, community and nation. It is our firm belief that students attending Emerald Christian College will experience not only academic success, but also spiritual, social, mental and physical blessing. For further details regarding Emerald Christian College, please go to the website.
In 2018 Ontrack college was added, a special assistance school for children disengaged with main stream schooling, this college delivers an adapted education to the needs of the individual students.